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SPUC's Open Letter on Sex Education

Current status: local action as appropriate. Every parent with children at school, of whatever denomenation, age group, or stated policy, needs to find out, urgently, what is happening in the name of 'sex education', 'PHSE', 'SRE' etc. . Teachers usually don't want you to know but don't be fobbed off: you must see the materials they are using, and you may not be able to believe your eyes. You have a right to know, and a duty to protect your children.

The following is SPUC's 'Open Letter to Concerned Parents' which sets out some of the facts; copies of this are available from SPUC, in the form of a leaflet. See here for our previous post on sex education.

Are your children safe at school?

We are asking this question because we are concerned about what is happening in classrooms during lessons on sex and relationships in both secondary and primary schools. We are concerned that abortifacient contraception and abortions are being aggressively promoted to teenagers in some secondary schools.

We are concerned that children are being exposed to explicit sex education in some primary schools.

We know that there are schools where headteachers are doing an excellent job in protecting those in their care from damaging sex education. But parents cannot take this for granted. Many schools are using materials which present sex in an explicit and crude way, which is likely to cause young children and teenagers to feel upset, confused and guilty.

Parents need to be aware that it is government policy to have more and more sex education in schools, even for the very youngest children, in order to bring down the teenage pregnancy rate. The figures for teenage pregnancies and abortions show this policy is failing badly. The tragedy of abortion is starting in the classroom.

This is why all parents of school age children should ask about the sex education their children may receive – parents are responsible in the first place for their children and need to be aware of what happens in the classroom. We have established the Safe at School Campaign to offer advice on how to go about this (see contact details below).

We want to share with you the experience of some of the parents and teachers who have spoken out publicly against unethical sex education because they want to protect their own children and those of other parents. What you read here could be happening to your children.

Explicit DVD animations of sexual intercourse

Stan and Patricia Wocial from Forest Hill in south London, had to remove their seven year old daughter from sex and relationship education at their local Catholic primary school, St William of York. This school uses the Channel Four Living and Growing programme which contains explicit animations of human sexual intercourse, accompanied by detailed verbal accounts of sex and masturbation.

As well as animated sequences showing sex and ejaculation, the series includes distressing scenes of a live childbirth, and treats alternative lifestyles as comparable to marriage. The programme also encourages primary school age children to investigate and discuss lurid magazines and TV soaps.

Mr and Mrs Wocial have struggled for two years to protect their child. They tried again and again to get the head teacher, school governors, church authorities, and their education authority to recognise the social and spiritual damage that may result from this kind of programme. Each time they were frustrated in their efforts.

How to put on a condom

Teacher Susan McLernon told us about her experience when a school nurse came to give a talk to her class of 13-14 year olds. The nurse demonstrated to these young pupils how to put a condom on an anatomical plastic model. She told the class the condom was chocolate flavoured because prostitutes do not like the taste of rubber. This took place at St John’s Catholic Comprehensive school in Gravesend, Kent.

Miss McLernon has taken a stand against this type of unethical sex education because she feels it sends the wrong message to young people about becoming sexually active.

Where to get contraceptives

Judith Stockton, who lives in Bolton, read a story in her local newspaper where the head of science at the Catholic secondary schools in the area was quoted as saying, “It’s terrible that kids are due to leave school when they’re 16 and aren’t learning about where to get contraceptives … Now we go out and get the contraceptive packs to show them.”

The school was Thornleigh school which her own son attends. Mrs Stockton challenged the headteacher, Father Martin Coyle, arguing that teaching abstinence in the school was a better way to protect young girls from the trauma of abortion.

Referral to an abortion provider

Connexions is a government agency which works locally to provide “access to personal development opportunities” for all young people aged 13-19 in England. Many schools have a partnership with Connexions, which makes use of local youth support services. Connexions personal advisers are also at work in all types of schools, including faith schools. A mother from the Midlands wrote to SPUC about her experience of Connexions.

On the advice from his sixth form college, this lady’s son went to Connexions for careers advice. But in his mother’s words “he got a lot more than that.”

Connexions advised this young man that at age 18 he no longer needed to listen to his parents. They put him in touch with a local housing charity for the young and within a week of applying he had the offer of a room.

He and his girlfriend also received a referral to an abortion provider who prescribed the morning-after pill, plus the contraceptive pill and a large supply of condoms to follow. This lady told us, “I will never know if my first grandchild was destroyed”.

In his mother’s words, “The suffering of a young man who has been duped into failing to protect his own possible unborn child is profound. My son remains deeply troubled.” ery parent should check what is being taught in their own child’s school. Please contact our Safe at School campaign, for advice and support about how you can protect your child from damaging sex education and harmful advice from outside agencies.

Call Safe at School on 020 7222 5845.

Yours sincerely, John Smeaton, National Director

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