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Catholic Church, Scotland: official website
Apostolic Nunciature
Vatican Contact Details
Catholic Union
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We cannot vouch for the content of external sites, and may not agree with what they say. However, the selection here has been made carefully and is frequently updated, and we would like to hear comments and suggestions from our readers. Nearly all are UK-based, and include some less well-known groups that should be encouraged. In general, the Catholic sites and organisations listed here are those we beleive to be worthy of support; the non-Catholic ones are, at the least, extremely useful sources of information.


Membership orgainisations
Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice: campaigning on dissent within the Church, and Catholic schools, in England and Wales. Quarterly newsletter 'The Flock' is available to download from their site.
Catholic Truth Scotland: campaigning on dissent within the Church, in Scotland. Bi-monthly newsletter is available to download from their site.
National Association of Catholic Families.
The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales Promotes the Roman Catholic Traditional liturgy.
Association of Catholic Women Orthodox membership and campaigning group; not to be confused with the dissident 'Women Word Spirit' (formerly the 'Catholic Women's Network').
The Encourage Trust (UK branch of US-based Courage) Orthodox support group for homosexuals; not to be confused with the dissident 'Quest' or 'RCCLGCM'.
The Good Counsel Network Pro-life counselling, practical help, and campaigning.
Catholic Unattached Directory UK based, for Catholic singles.

News and research
Catholic Family News Weekly bulletins collected from many sources, published by the National Association of Catholic Families.
To subscribe to their weekly email news bulletin, email
Catholic Feminism Makes available a series of articles by Patricia Philips on Feminism within the Catholic Church, first published in Christian Order.
Catholic Media Coalition: US-based umbrella group for orthodox catholic media organisations, many them small campaigning groups specific to a US state.
Catholic Resources on the Internet very comprehensive, with guidance about the nature of the organisations, good and bad, to be found there; part of the Catholic Unattached Directory site.
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute Campaigning internationally on Family and Human Rights issues.
Linacre Centre London-based Catholic research centre for medical ethics.
Mary Meets Dolly 'A Catholic's Guide to Genetics, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology'
Pewsitter International Catholic news aggregation service
SPUC Charity Bulletin: a list of charities, exposing the pro-abortion activity of many well-known development charities, and the pro-euthanasia activities of many charities supposedly supporting people with terminal illnesses.



Care Not Killing Anti-Euthanasia umbrella group, important in the defeat of the Joffe Bill.
Alive and Kicking Campaign Anti-abortion umbrella group.
SPUC Society for the Protection of unborn Children. Undertakes political lobbying and education in the areas of abortion, euthanasia and sex education.
To subscribe to their daily email bulletins, see here.
British Victims of Abortion Support group
Not Dead Yet A very interesting group campaigning against euthanasia for disabled people.

Family Policy
SPUC's 'Safe at School' Campaign: on sex education
CHASTE: Churches Alert to Sex Trafficing accross Europe Campaigning and practical help for the victims.
Family and Youth Concern Think-tank on Family policy, including Sex Education.
Civitas Think-tank on Civil Society, including Family policy.
Full Time Mothers Research and lobbying group supporting full-time mothers.
To subscribe to their email list, email them here.

Evangelical Protestant
Christian Concern for our Nation British Evangelical; particular concern with the erosion of freedom of speech and conscience.
The Christian Congress for Traditional Values (CCTV) similar to above.

MediaWatch-UK First founded in 1965 by Mary Whitehouse as the 'National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association'; concern with indecency etc. in the media; excellent coverage of the 'Jerry Springer' issue, see here.

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