Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Amnesty International: abortion policy developments

Update (3/4/07): the results of Amnesty's earlier consultation of its members and supporters has been published. Highlights: respondents were asked
'Do you agree that AI should develop policy to enable research and action on ... abortion?'
Yes: 45.4%
No: 45.7%

'Should AI take the view that a woman's right to physical and mental integrity... includes her right to terminate her pregnancy within reasonable limitations...?'
Yes: 35.3%
No: 52.8%

Thanks to all taking part: Amnesty should realise that it's move to pro-abortion campaigning does not have the support of its members.

Background briefing 29/03/07.

From CFNews: The British section of Amnesty International has endorsed a policy in support of legalising abortion. The UK board pushed through the motion at a March 23-25 meeting in Edinburgh supporting the legalisation of abortion but then passed a second motion in favour remaining a neutral stance. The UK section now has to decide which motion Secretary-General Irene Khan will back at next month's meeting of the international section of the movement. The international branch currently holds a neutral position on abortion, but should it vote for a change in attitude it is feared that large numbers of Catholics could leave Amnesty. A statement from Amnesty International UK said: 'Abortion has been part of a discussion on sexual and reproductive rights which Amnesty International has been undertaking among its members in recent years within the wider context of sexual and reproductive rights and the organisation's Stop Violence Against Women campaign. 'Amnesty International would continue to take no position on the rights and wrongs of abortion, which it sees it as a matter of personal choice.' But Fiorella Nash, research officer for SPUC said: 'It is absurd for Amnesty International to claim that it would 'continue to take no position on the rights and wrongs of abortion' - would Amnesty say the same about the use of torture?'

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Anonymous said...

Now I know for sure that the world has gone completely mad.

Is there no hope for the 126,000 + people each day in the world denied their existance ?


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