Monday, June 04, 2007

Alan Johnson demands an end to moral teaching in Church schools

Protests, please, to Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, who wants to determine what theological claims may, and may not, be made by teachers employed in Church schools. If this were not astonishing enough, he is pressing the usual canard that that such schools teach that 'homosexuality', rather than sodomy, is a sin (how can a person be an action?), as justification for claiming that traditional moral teaching is discrimination on the basis of 'sexual orientation'. Just as in the 16th Century, it is proposed that the secular law should punish Catholics for believing what in many cases they don't believe anyway. Be warned, however, the distinction between person and action will be dismissed as irrelevant, since sodomy is held to be a homosexual's basic right, necessary to his 'sexual self-expression'.

Johnson is standing for the post of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party: readers with Labour MPs might like to ask their MP not to vote for an anti-Catholic bigot.

From The Telegraph (in part): Alan Johnson was facing a showdown with faith schools last night after insisting that they should stop describing homosexuality as a sin.

The Education Secretary said on BBC Radio 4's Today programme yesterday: "We have a society now where we allow civil partnerships, where we have legislation to prevent any discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and we are a far better society for that.

"I don't want this hounding of people on the basis of their sexual orientation."

Full story here.

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Pope Leo XIII's Prayer to St Michael

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