Monday, November 05, 2007

Christians can't be foster parents

Update: good news.
From CF News: Vince and Pauline Matherick, the Christian couple from Chard, Somerset, who last week were at the centre of national media attention when Somerset Social Services ordered them to sign up to a new Equalities Promise saying they would have to agree to facilitate and promote a homosexual lifestyle have won the right to have their personal convictions and conscientious objections recognised. The couple met on Wednesday with Social Services leaders and secured an agreement to this effect. The Mathericks hope now to continue to foster children as before. Mr and Mrs Matherick are represented by Paul Diamond (Counsel) and Michael Philips (Solicitor). Andrea Williams of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship comments, 'This is a significant step forward for Christian freedoms in that the Council has agreed not to force Mr and Mrs Matherick to act against their Christian beliefs. This should be of enormous encouragement to all Christians who want to take up the important role of caring for vulnerable children.'


From Christian Concern for Our Nation, 25/10/07: Committed Christian couple, Vince and Pauline Matherick, have been told they will not be reregistered as foster carers following their refusal to sign an Equality policy which forbids discrimination on the grounds of homosexuality. Mr Matherick, a 65 year old minster at South Chard Christian Church and his wife, Pauline, have been fostering since 2001 and have looked after 28 children. Earlier this year they were asked to agree to a new Equality policy which would require them to say that homosexual relationships were equal to heterosexual marriages if asked by a child about such relationships.

Mr Matherick explained that he and his wife had never discriminated against anybody, but that they would not teach children about the practice of homosexuality because the Bible condemns any kind of sexual practice outside of a marriage relationship.

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John Kearney said...

I am absolutely furious at this attack on the fundamental right of people to believe and practice their beliefs in a free society. ThIs couple were no threat to the gays but for their beliefs. If the Gay Rights people think they can through this Government bully and badger people to say homosexual sex is equal to heterosexual sex they have a shock coming their way. We have a bigoted and narrow minded Labour party and they will go at the next election.

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