Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dissenter appointed Director of Irish Chaplaincy in Britain

Action: users of the Irish Chaplaincy and the Irish in general should protest to the Irish bishops, who made the appointment, and the Irish Embassy, which has a role in funding the post through The Irish Government Emigrant Services Programme (AKA Dion): please visit this page on their site where you can leave comments.

Philomena Cullen, now Director, is a well-known dissenter from Church teaching.

Hat-tip to Catholic Rights. Cullen sprang to fame as the editor of 'Catholic Social Justice', a collection of essays by dissident Catholics, which not only criticised Catholic teaching but launched personal attacks on Pope Benedict, among other things as a racist.

From our post on this book:
From Holy Smoke (Damian Thompson) (see his full post here, and more quotations from the book here): Benedict is accused of taking an ideological position in favour of “the capitalist system and colonialism”.

We are told that the Pope’s views on social justice are “hardly credible” in view of the Church’s historic record of violence, torture and theft. We learn that the Catholic clergy teach that “men are superior to women” because they are more in the image of Christ.

Pope John Paul II is also criticised. According to Fr Tissa Balasuriya, the author of the relevant essay, both John Paul and Benedict lived their lives “in a world dominated by white racism” and therefore could not understand the developing world. ...

Philomena Cullen, one of the editors, attacks “the ideology of the nuclear family” and endorses “the open family ideology rooted in a feminist perspective”.

See the post on this by Fr Finigan, who points out another of the authors was condemned by the CDF in 1997:
"In publishing this Notification, the Congregation is obliged also to declare that Fr. Balasuriya has deviated from the integrity of the truth of the Catholic faith and, therefore, cannot be considered a Catholic theologian; moreover, he has incurred excommunication latae sententiae (can. 1364, ß1)."

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Anonymous said...

I hope to god this is not true...What have Westminister diocese to say about this appointment as Camden is in their domain ...

Come on Irsih Catholics get up in arms do NOT accept this..

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