Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Victory for pro-life Trainee Doctor

Briefing: good news!

From CFNews: The Thomas More Legal Centre has issued a press release announcing they successfully represented a Roman Catholic Trainee Doctor, who was threatened with dismissal and was reported to the General Medical Council (GMC) because he refused to participate in abortion advice or the prescribing of the 'morning after pill'. The doctor was told that unless he changed his views he would be marked down as failed in his training to be a GP and he could also be reported to the GMC and potentially struck off the medical register. He was being pressurised to leave general practice altogether when he contacted the Thomas More Legal Centre, who advised him of his rights and drafted letters to his employers accordingly.

The GMC eventually confirmed the Centre's opinion that the doctor was acting in accordance with medical professional rules.


Anonymous said...

where did this happen? was it in england and where abouts? i cant find the thomas Moore press release, can anyone help?

Webmaster said...

Yes, England, the doctor can't be named but was based in Oxford.


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