Friday, February 27, 2009

EU People's Party to be more pro-death

Briefing: the European People's Party is the main grouping of right-of-centre parties in the European Parliament. It includes many Christian Democrat-type parties, and currently the British Conservative Party, although David Cameron has pledged to pull Conservative MEPs out of the EPP (because it is too keen on eroding national sovereignty).

From the Iona Institute (via CFNews): The European People's Party (EPP), which is the grouping of mainly Christian Democrat parties from across the EU has circulated a draft election manifesto for the upcoming European elections in June. The document, which is being discussed this week, is much more radical than its 2004 manifesto with regard to the issues of marriage and the right-to-life..

For example, the 2004 document referred to 'an apparent crisis' of the 'institution' of the family, and defined the institution as 'this unique tie of man and woman', a clear reference to marriage. It argued that the family thus defined 'deserves special and concrete support of society', and that 'what is good for the family is good also for society.'

However, in the 2009 document, the reference to the 'unique tie of man and woman' has been deleted. In addition, the section of the draft manifesto headed 'Reconciliation of Family and Work Life' calls on member-states to adapt their policies 'in support of family life to take account of demographic ageing and the growing diversity in family relationships'. In other words, family diversity rather than marriage is now the order of the day for the EPP.

On life issues, the 2004 manifesto referred to the party's respect for 'human life in all its forms (including embryos) and at all stages; to respect the human dignity in medical and genetic advancements'. It said the EPP 'opposes euthanasia, eugenics, human cloning'. This last line has been deleted from the 2009 draft manifesto.

The 2004 manifesto also called on the EU not to fund 'biotechnological practices that are illegal in at least one of the Member states' on the basis that this best protects and safeguards human dignity while also fully respecting the principle of subsidiarity. This meant that it opposed the current practice whereby the EU funds embryo stem-cell research. Ireland backs EU funding of such research.

However, in the draft 2009 manifesto this policy no longer exists. [The Iona Institute]

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