Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Catholic Truth Scotland November Newsletter

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, very good
although I do wish they'd show just little more respect for some of the Bishops on there. They writing is too crass and disrespectful, they are still clergy even if they sometimes acting against our best interests.

I do worry that there is a fine line between clericalism and slipping over to Protestantim where we tell the clergy what to do?

On the otherhand.. Talking of Bishops who ignore the Pope...Again I was disapointed to read this newsletter and still find no provision Traditional Latin Mass in Paisley Diocese?

Can you please tell me if there has been any movement or discussion on this at all?

It seems Summorum Pontificum has been ignored here. Dearly I would love to hear the Latin Mass in my own Diocese, Indeed why should I have to travel to Glasgow from Inverclyde. It seems we can get charismatic renewal on tap but not TLM

Many Thanks and God Bless

Hercules said...

This particular issue doesn't focus on named bishops. However, although we agree that criticism should be as respectful as possible, criticism is not only permissible but (canon law reminds us) can be an obligation.

And in a situation where criticism is needed, what sort of people are going to step forward to do it? We all wish those clever 'conservative Catholic intellectuals' would but they very rarely do.

Pope Leo XIII's Prayer to St Michael

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