Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kelly welcomes SORs

Background briefing: is Kelly a Catholic?

From CFNews: The Government's Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly has hailed controversial new homosexual equality laws a 'major step forward.' The Catholic minister and Opus Dei member said: 'These measures will help tackle the practical barriers and real, everyday problems faced by lesbian, gay and bisexual people. 'It cannot be right in a decent, tolerant society that a shopkeeper or restaurant can refuse to serve a customer because they are gay. 'It cannot be right for a school to discriminate against a child because of their parents' sexuality or not to take homophobic bullying as seriously as they should.'

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John Kearney said...

But just how widespread is this discrimination that Ruth Kelly talks about. The lack of adequate debate, and questions on the need for this legislation was never allowed. Most of the evidence seems to come from the Gays themselves. I am not saying there is no evidence but I wanted to know the extent. I also wanted to know how this legislation will change anything. The evidence coming from the Public was not supportive of gays being parents despite the claptrap of politicians. But I will give this to Ruth, it is really a wonderful step forward that Catholic Adoption Agencies are closing down. Or is it?

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