Thursday, March 01, 2007

Morning After Pill for 13 yr-olds in Portsmouth

Background briefing

From SPUC: Girls in Portsmouth, England, as young as 13 will be able to obtain the
morning-after pill free of charge and without parental knowledge, provided
they can prove their age. The pregnancy rate among 15 to 17-year-olds in
Portsmouth is 26% higher than the national average. Canon David Hopgood,
Dean of St John's RC Cathedral, has criticised the plan, saying that it
would not solve the problem, and "They need to be looking at family life,
the importance of marriage and good stable homes where children are
brought up with stronger values." [ The News (Portsmouth), 28 February]

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Anonymous said...

Rather than turn up the volume on criticising casual sex (which does though have a place of course) the benefit of exclusive(monogomous)relationships should be promoted more in the popular press.

Rather than immediately talking about sexual relations as being barred outside marriage (which many non catholics expect catholics to do!) the likes of impressionable teenagers could benefit from knowing the physical and mental harm they cause themselves and others by reducing their sexuality to a basic physical gratification. As sexually active mature adults we need to be open and honest, yes our bodies and feelings change in adolescence but we need to be responsible. Whilst condoms are not the solution we should with every opportunity, with adults as well as teenagers and children who are old enough to ask describe sexuality as a natural part of us which needs to be expressed responsibly and finds its best place in a monogomous relationship.

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