Monday, August 13, 2007

Diocese can't sack dissident gay Head Teacher

Local action as appropriate: it is unfortunately perfectly credible that Bishop Kelly has been told, and correctly, by his lawyers that sacking this teacher would be contrary to the SORs. On the other hand, the story notes that 'The couple, who live together, had a reception in a parish centre.' The Parish Priest who authorised this should be reprimanded.

From The Telegraph (in part): Lawyers have told the Roman Catholic Church that it cannot sack a Catholic headmaster who has entered a civil partnership with a male teacher.

The Archdiocese of Liverpool has been unable to take action against Charles Coyne, the head of St Cecilia's primary school, who has registered a partnership with Richard Jones, who is believed to work at a nearby school.

Pope Benedict XVI has called civil partnerships "anarchic" and a danger to the family.

Local Catholics and family campaigners have urged the authorities to take action over the "scandal". One churchgoer said: "Senior officials are aware of this yet they have done nothing. It's unacceptable."

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convent girl said...

SORs has taken us back to the pre- Catholic Emancipation days, all our schools, our adoption agencies,every diocese that employs anyone, every parish is affected by this.Wasn't it Bishop Vincent Guazzelli,R.I.P., who told us (in 1997) thatCatholics had nothing to fear from a Labour administration?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I can't find that quote on the web, though I see Guazzelli was a CND supporter and supported the use of condoms by AIDS sufferers. He must be sorely missed by his colleagues...

John said...

Sorry Convent Girl.
Bishop Guazzelli's Christian name was Victor, not Vincent.
He was a warm, friendly man, but I wouldn't ask his advice about politics. I suspect that he knew nothing about the subject.


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