Monday, August 06, 2007

Pharamacist refuses to hand over MAP

Briefing. The right of pharmacists, like doctors, to refuse to cooperate in abortion is a big issue in the US, but this UK case is unusual. Referring a customer to a less conscientious pharmacist would, of course, be cooperation in evil.

From SPUC: An unidentified pharmacist in Staffordshire, England, reportedly refused to supply morning-after pills to a 26-year-old married woman on grounds of conscience. A spokeswoman for the pharmacists' professional body said that their ethical code required practitioners who objected to providing such drugs to refer customers to colleagues who would. Mrs Sarah Luke, the person requesting the pills at Lloyds pharmacy, Hednesford, expressed anger. [icCannock, 2 August]


Philip Andrews said...

Mrs Luke expressed anger. Our society is warped, what about your child, Mrs Luke?

On the side of the angels said...

So now catholic pharmacists are being directly told to conspire in a latae sententiae excommunicable act ?
Does anyone hear any cries of outrage from 'Liberty' ? Are there any vociferous MPs hogging the tv reporter's mic and camera?
As always in this country , religious liberty is something that anyone should have a right to EXCEPT catholics.

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