Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poland shames EU into scrapping anti death-penalty day

Update: From CFNews: A German Socialist member of the European parliament, Martin Schulz, has called for the European Union to isolate Poland. Schulz argues that the Polish government is acting in violation of the principles espoused by the EU, because Polish President Lech Kaczynski supports capital punishment. The Polish government recently objected to a day of protest against the death penalty, organized by the EU; Polish officials said that a campaign dedicated to the dignity of human life should be expanded to include opposition to abortion. The head of EU parliamentarians from the European Green parties, Monica Frassoni, described Polandâ?Ts opposition to the proposed European Day Against the Death Penalty as a 'serious problem'. In a separate development involving Polish abortion law, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France has dismissed an appeal by Poland in the Alicja Tysiac case. The European Court had awarded monetary damages to the Polish woman, who claimed that her eyesight worsened during pregnancy because she was unable to find a doctor to abort her unborn child. The court recognized the motherâ?Ts right to abortion and ordered the Polish government to pay her. .

Briefing, 24/09/07: campaigning against the death penalty seems to be a way for anti-life politicians to assuage their consciences. In fact, the state has the right and even the duty in some cases to take the life of the guilty, and the duty in all cases to protect the life of the innocent. Well done to Poland for standing up for the innocent.

From SPUC: The European Union's (EU) plans to hold a day against the death penalty
have been scrapped after objections by Poland on the grounds that such a day should also condemn abortion and euthanasia. Mr Andrzej Duda, deputy justice minister, said that the EU "should approach the subject in a broader way and debate the protection of life." He said: "The death penalty is only one element of the debate; there are more - for example, abortion and euthanasia."

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