Monday, October 01, 2007

'Gay' Masses

Action, please: please support the protests. The Masses take place in Warwick Street, Soho, on the First and Third Sundays of each month at 5pm. The protest begins at 4.45pm; see a map here.

This week's Catholic Herald carries a long 'feature' article on the 'Gay friendly' Masses arranged in the diocese of Westminster. As this blog has frequently pointed out, these Masses are being used as a platform to attack Church teaching. The organisers explicitly support groups and organisations which promote an immoral lifestyle, and were themselves an official group in the 'LondonPride' march. The article includes comments by both the protesters and the organisers, and while the protest, organised by Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice, is peaceful and prayerful, and deliberately based on the opposite side of the road, it is still impossible to ignore. For PEEP's latest Newsletter, which has more commentary on the protests, see here.

The article quotes Martin Pendergast, notorious opponent of Church teaching and organiser of the Masses, as attacking the coverage of the Masses by Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice, Christian Order and 'Catholic Action'. Assuming he means this blog, this is our first mention in the national press, so thank you very much! However, our criticisms can't be described as 'vitriolic, highly personalised attacks', so perhaps he didn't...

The urgency of the protests is redoubled by a point made in the Catholic Herald: bishops all over the country, and even the world, are looking at these Masses as a model for the pastoral care of homosexuals. This flawed model - putting the pastoral care of homosexuals into the hands of people who reject all the Church teaching relevant to such care - must not be allowed to spread. Bishops looking at the Warwick Street Masses must be made to realise that bringing it into their dioceses will cause bigger problems than it will solve.


John Kearney said...

Hey, there is a Catholic Action group. I think their website is But on the Warwick St Masses what kind of care offers young people an unhappy and diseased future probably ending in early death. The very hostile nature of the Gay Rights movement shows how discontented they are and they have to blame eveyone bar themselves. The Church should be supporting Courage, but no, this would be real care and moving towards human dignity. It is not just a question of sacriligeous communion, the intention of the priest is to offer the Mass in justification of the homosexual life style, in other words the Sacrifice is being made not for the forgiveness of sin but its justification. This is a real win against the Holy Spirit.

Webmaster said...

The Catholic Action Group seems to have disapeered from the Web. The only search results are news services reporting their old press releases. The most recent I can find if from 2005.

Odd, because John Gunn, the founder, gave a talk to the Faith of Our Fathers conference that year. What happened to it? But the website had never got beyond the 'under construction' stage.

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