Monday, October 22, 2007

Bishop Roche on the anti-MP bandwagon

Local action as appropriate: Bishop Roche of Leeds has issued a document to his clergy 'clarifying' the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum (which apparently he can't spell). As with the document from Conti, and the one hastily withdrawn by Hollis, this is a crude attempt to frustrate the Pope's intentions. Roche claims, without any support from the document, that the group of faithful desiring the Traditional Mass must come from a single parish; that parishes with more than one Mass on a Sunday, or with daily Masses in the week, may not make one of them a Traditional Mass; he insinuates that priests who get round this by saying more than one Mass in a day will get into trouble for 'binating' (unlike, apparantly, priests who binate in the 1970 Mass); and he claims the right to make decisions about what priests can say the Traditional Mass, and under what conditions.

The whole point of the MP is that, because bishops have shown so much reluctance to allow the Traditional Mass, their power to stop priests saying it has been withdrawn. Roche simply can't stop priests saying the Mass.

More information from Fr Z here and Damian Thompson here.

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John Kearney said...

When you promote very immature people to places of responsibility they are not suited for this is what you get petty dictators who Lord it over all. As Damian Thompson was saying in the Catholic Herald they believe their priests are `branch managers`. Since they also surround themselves with fellow revolutionaries they are totally unaware of the resentment against them that is now building up among the pewsitters who are watching their contributions being wasted.

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