Friday, January 04, 2008

Damian Thompson under threat


Too often it is the people trying to defend orthodoxy who come under attack from the hierarchy, not the people undermining it. The Cardinal tells enquirers in Rome that the Tablet can't be touched; it is independent! But now it seems he's putting pressure on the Chairman and trustees of the Catholic Herald to ditch Damian Thompson.

H-T to Fr Ray Blake.


Gillibrand said...

When the Cardinal has enough money to buy The Daily Telegraph, he should let us know. In the meantime, its just a bad dose of the intolerant spirit of Vatican II, a spirit all of its own invented by those who are intoxicated by it.

The Laughing Cavalier said...

Given the vitriolic nature of Thompson's scribblings, his intolerance and his lifestyle, one can hardly blame the Cardinal for feeling that is time for Thompson to find another organ more suited to his talents.

Webmaster said...

These scribblings are not to be found in the Catholic Herald. This is an attempt to punish Thompson for his blog. It's just the kind of roundabout exercise of power we have come to expect, but it seems nothing has come of it.

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