Thursday, March 06, 2008

Christians banned from fostering launch appeal

Update: victory in this particular battle. Others faced with the SORs should not give up the fight.

From Christian Concern for Our Nation:
Committed Christian couple Eunice and Owen Johns have had their foster care application successfully reinstated by Derby City Council. The couple, who have fostered in the past and have raised four children, were initially told that their views on homosexuality were out of line with diversity standards, and had their application withdrawn . Throughout interviews with social services and meetings with the fostering panel, the Johns maintained their biblical approach to sexual ethics and said that they would love any child regardless of their sexual orientation. The Mayor of Derby is supporting the Johns, and, following intervention by the Christian Legal Centre and extensive media coverage, social services have agreed to reinstate the couples’ application. Please pray the couple will be approved to foster.

Briefing. 24/02/08

From CFNews: Committed Christian couple Eunice and Owen Johns are contesting the decision of Derby Council Social Services to withdraw their fostering application following concerns that their beliefs about sexual ethics and in particular the practice of homosexuality did not meet diversity standards. The couple, who have previously fostered children, were surprised and dismayed to learn that their application had been withdrawn following a series of meetings and interviews with social workers. They feel that their beliefs about the practice of homosexuality are the reason for the Council's unwillingness to take their application any further.

The Christian Legal Centre is supporting the couple and will pursue legal action should the Council refuse to reconsider the Johns' application. It is likely that any action would challenge the diversity standards which the Council allege the couple failed to meet. The Christian Legal Centre comments, 'It is essential we stand for freedom in this vital area. The case of Family Law Magistrate, Andrew McClintock, demonstrates how Christians will find it increasingly difficult to hold Judicial office in Family Law when challenging whether it is in a child's best interests to be placed in a same sex household .

In the same field, the case of Owen and Eunice Johns demonstrates how it will be increasingly difficult for Christian couples to access and be successful in the adoption and fostering process. As Christians we must face head on these important social and legal challenges. It is vital that Christians are able to participate equally in the whole process of fostering and adopting children - whether they are in position of 'placing' the vulnerable children as judiciary, working within social services or as prospective foster or adoptive parents.

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