Friday, March 07, 2008

Lords vote to abolish blasphemy law

Action: please lobby MPs. For a recent example of what the law is supposed to prohibit, see the recent post of the obscene statue of Jesus.

From Christian Concern for our Nation: The House of Lords voted to abolish the common law blasphemy offences last night.

Baroness O’Caithan in a courageous and powerful speech argued for keeping the blasphemy laws and said that the “fundamental question is this: should we abolish Christian beliefs and replace them with secular beliefs?” Several Peers voiced concern about abolishing the blasphemy laws because of the deep symbolic nature of removing them and due to the signal this would send, possibly resulting in a drift towards secularism.

The move to repeal blasphemy was pushed through by the Government within a very limited time frame and with little or no consultation. Lord Kingsland QC added: "Christianity has been absolutely fundamental to the development of our constitutional freedoms and I worry a little that this is no longer understood in our society." The Government whipped the Labour vote but the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats had a free vote. The amendment to repeal blasphemy was won by 148 to 87 votes.

The House of Commons has yet to vote on the matter.

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Pope Leo XIII's Prayer to St Michael

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