Saturday, August 30, 2008

Catholic Education Service 'Welcomes' abortion provision in Catholic Schools

Action: please spread the word. John Smeaton, National Director of SPUC, is building up a campaign on this topic and will be publishing more information on his blog at time goes on. This is the first tranche: The Catholic Education Service, the official agency of the Bishops of England and Wales, tells us, in their own document “The Connexions Service working in Catholic schools in England”,

“The Connexions Service is making an increasing impact on young people in Catholic schools and colleges. It is a service to be welcomed.”

Yes, dear reader, this is the government 'service' which hands out 'relationship advice' promoting under-age promiscuity and then deals with the consequences by giving out the morning after pill and taking children as young as 12 to have abortions without notifying parents. It is 'to be welcomed' in Catholic schools.

If anyone thought that Catholic schools in some way protected children from the worst of the culture of death, you have no excuse any longer. Parents must find out what their own school is doing: are Connexions clinics or personnel allowed in your school? Don't wait to find out that you've lost a grandchild. Or perhaps not find out.

And anyone hoping that Archbishop Vincent Nichols may be a nice 'conservative' Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, take note: Archbishop Nichols is Chairman of the Catholic Education Service.

See John Smeaton's post.

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Jackie Parkes said...

My kids are removed from any connexions provision. Parents need to contact theie schools & forbid the school passing their names on to them.

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