Saturday, August 16, 2008

London Zoo: 'Gay Sunday'

Briefing. This is bizarre. The Evangelical group Christian Voice are calling for complaints and are organising a 'witness' in protest. It is certainly unjust to give a 20% discount on the basis of sexual orientation, and an indication of the Zoo's attitude in promoting the homosexual agenda: you have been warned. However, we don't want to go down the road of having apoplexy at every 'gay' event; we've got our work cut out opposing the sacrilege of the Warwick Street Masses.

From Christian Voice: London Zoo Gay Sunday 14th September 2008 They don't seem to be advertising it as much as last year, but London Zoo is giving homosexuals a discount again this year on 14th September by holding 'Gay Sunday' at this quintessential family venue (families will pay full price).

If the event is like last year, and the ZSL website suggests it will be:
The Zoo closes off the Mappin Terrace without telling the rest of the paying public, opens the Fellows' Lawn for a homosexual garden party.


Anonymous said...

What about gay Catholics - they are entitled to a discount surely.
How does someone prove they are gay? Anyone could say they were gay and get some money off. They could give the money saved to a Catholic charity couldn't they?

Don;t have a login or anything just googled about Gay Sunday and found this article.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can get the discount by following the link on the website and it says on the webpage it's open to anyone of any sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

The day is actually half a day and starts from 12.00 hence being half the price its is also open to gay men and women and the friends and family, you don't have to be gay to go and join the fun. The Mapin terrace will have stalls but is not closed off and anyone is free for anyone to come and go.

Please make sure you have all the facts before publish these stories on your website

Webmaster said...

This is all pretty irrelevant. "Gay Sunday" is obviously targetted at Gays and this is the usual unjustifiable favouritism towards a vociforous lobby group.

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