Monday, December 01, 2008

Equality and Human Rights Commission: up to no good

Update: EHRC responds: The Equality and Human Rights Commission confirmed that it had given a £35,000 grant to the atheist group this year, but pointed out that it also funds 285 other organisations that campaign for an end to discrimination in race, gender, age and sexual orientation. It said: 'The list includes nine organisations specifically focused on religion and belief from different perspectives, as well numerous other organisations that have an element of religion and belief in the work they do.'

So: out of 286 organisations, 9 are focused on religion or belief: not a very high proportion. Are the atheists one of the nine? They are focused on religion, all right. Any religious group which does get money from the EHRC will be sure to be told that its beliefs should not be reflected in its work, as Hazel Blears made clear not long ago - unlike the atheists, whose beliefs are fine.

Comment, 27/11/08:
further to this quango using taxpayers' money to promote the negative and hate-filled agenda of the British Humanist Association, Religion Law tips us off about the full list of their beneficiaries.

Not one of these is clearly a religious organisation: not one is named after a saint, for example, or has 'Christian' in its name. Given the fact that 70% of the UK population identifies itself as Christian, and the record of Christians working for human rights (I mean, Christians invented human rights for heaven's sake: the terminology and the practice), this is pretty astounding. The groups we do see include a large number which have publicly vowed to destroy Christianity: not only the BHA but several branches of Stonewall, the extremist gay-rights organisatioin, which never misses a chance to pillory Christian leaders for their supposed 'homophobia'. In addition there are rows of gay and lesbian groups, and groups supporting the 'transgendered' agenda.

We know what these groups want: a revolution in attitudes to sexuality which overthrows traditional values. This has got nothing to do with either equality or human rights.

Neil Addison of ReligionLaw comments:
On its page about the grant awards the EHRC says
"Funding has been awarded for three priority areas: promoting good relations, promoting equality and human rights and supporting the development of legal casework."
though I frankly cannot see how the BHA seminars fall under any of these criteria.

Or the gay groups either: they seem most intent on stirring up hatred. For example see this on Stonewall's 'bigot of the year' awards.

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Pope Leo XIII's Prayer to St Michael

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