Monday, April 13, 2009

Card. Murphy-O'Connor to join Blair foundation

Action: complaints, please, to the congregation for bishops. Blair himself is deeply committed to an anti-Catholic and pro-abortion agenda, and this is reflected in by his foundation. It is a scandal that a Cardinal should join it.

Congregation for Bishops
10 Piazza Pio XII
00193 Vatican

In office, Blair's voting and speaking record is uniformly pro-abortion, pro-sex education, pro-contraception and so on.
He supported Stonewall, the militant gay group, in its campaign against the Church's adoption agencies.
After leaving office, he has refused to clarify his views on those issues.
The Blair foundation supports 'millenium goals', including abortion.

From Life SiteNews: The Tony Blair Faith Foundation has announced that after his retirement as Archbishop of Westminster in May this year, Cormac Cardinal Murphy O'Connor will become the first Catholic member of the Foundation's International Religious Advisory Council.

The move comes two years after the cardinal received his friend Tony Blair into the Catholic Church without requiring the former Prime Minister to publicly apologize or recant his anti-Catholic positions on abortion and human embryonic experimentation or for his championing the cause of the homosexualist movement during his political career.

Tony Blair made headlines this week when he was quoted in a homosexualist magazine saying that the Catholic Church needs to 'rethink' its 'position' on homosexuality. He said that Pope Benedict's 'entrenched' views are a result of 'generational issues' and 'fear' of change.

He described the work of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation as encouraging 'faiths' to come together, overcoming differences in 'doctrine.' A large part of his work, he said, is to urge religious leaders to reinterpret 'religious texts' metaphorically rather than literally. He said religious leaders need 'to treat religious thought and even religious texts as themselves capable of evolution over time.'

He said, 'I think that for all religions, the challenge is how do you extract the essential values of the faith from a vast accumulation of doctrine and practice? For many people, the reason for their religious faith is less to do with the doctrine and practice, and more to do with the values like love of God and love of your neighbour.' [LSN]

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Pope Leo XIII's Prayer to St Michael

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