Friday, February 01, 2008

Northern Irish midwives promote illegal abortions


From SPUC: Pro-life campaigners in Northern Ireland have accused the spokeswoman for the Royal College of Midwives there of using her position to advocate the illegal killing of unborn children and especially children with disabilities. The Guardian reported midwives in the province feared prosecution. Mrs Betty Gibson, chairwoman of SPUC Northern Ireland, said: "The law in Northern Ireland is perfectly clear. Abortion is only permitted when the mother's life is in danger. Aborting children because they are disabled is illegal. Four years ago, Breedagh Hughes [the college's spokeswoman], spoke publicly about taking part in abortions she knew to be unlawful. Her open defiance of the law is actually inviting the authorities to bring a prosecution. However, her real fear seems to be that the unlawful abortion of disabled children may become impossible in Northern Ireland."

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Anonymous said...

Breedagh Hughes is actually being investigated for taking part in illegal abortions, she made addmissions to the Times newspaper.

Its amazing that she is still allowed to speak on behalf of other midwives in the circumstances. Surely she must be in breach of some ethical code of conduct?

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