Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bishop Hollis 'clarifies' support for Obama

A victory for faithful Catholics! We blogged about this on Tuesday 11th, John Smeaton on Wednesday and Damian Thompson on Thursday, and now Hollis has raised the white flag. Yes, he is thrilled that the most pro-abortion politician in America has been elected President, but he rejects the pro-abortion stuff. Oh, of course, how could we have been so sill?

From the Diocesan web-page:

Barack Obama: A Clarification
I would like to add some words to the statement that I issued last week on the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.

I genuinely welcome his election because he represents such a different political profile from that of President Bush. America – and the world – needs that political change and will benefit from it.

However, I am aware of what he has said about abortion and about the so-called freedom of choice and I deplore his words. There is no way in which I endorse his position on these crucial “life” matters, nor, as a Catholic bishop, could I ever do so.

Perhaps it’s na├»ve to say this but I hope and pray that the realities of the political process will mean that he has to temper his personal policies on these all important life issues and pay serious attention to the outrage with which many view his “life” agenda.

Bishop Crispian Hollis


Anonymous said...

In reality, there was no possible way that McCain would have made make any changes to the current U.S. abortion laws.

The Bishops should not be used by the pro-war, pro-greed, pro-guns Republican Party's attempt to get elected using the abortion issue. Instead they should have taken a more consistent Catholic position.

Are we saying that it's currently ok for a U.S. citizen to shoot a man dead with a gun without the Bishops blaming the Government for permitting and encouraging the "tools" used to
carry out killing.

Yet if a Mother carries out an abortion they expect the Government to remove the "tools" required to carry out the murder.

It's not a consistant Catholic life ethic. The Bishops cannot remain silent on the EQUALLY henious war crimes of Bush and McCain. There is a real threat to our Church is we permitt politicians to influence our clergy and that is clearly what has happend here.


Hercules said...

McCain would have appointed the Supreme Court Justices necessary to overturn Roe v Wade.

Obama is going to permit US aid to fund forced abortions in China, and remove all restrictions on abortion in the US.

Not much difference, eh?

The Iraq war is a red herring. I doubt very much they would differ much in practice on that: both want to get out without destabalising Iraq - just like every other sane person.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, if you really think McCain would have overturned Roe v Wade then you are seriously mis-guided.

Obama's victory has also reduced the chances of an attack on Iran He may also slightly improve life for millions of poor Americans. Something McCain would never have done.

Hercules said...

You clearly haven't been following the debate on the Supreme Court. The majority in favour of RVW is now on a knife-edge. The leader of the court is a Catholic. At least two liberal judges will retire in the next few years. There was everything to play for - both sides knew this.

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