Thursday, May 14, 2009

Opponents of gay adopted 'retarded'

Briefing. This has caused a storm. The Mail points out that the BAAF, which made the remark, are so concerned to avoid sending black children to white homes, or working class children to middle class homes, that they are placing fewer and fewer children with anyone. But the interests of the child are cast to the winds when it comes to homosexuals: as far as gay couples are concerned adoption is a service to which they have a right.

From the Daily Mail, in part: The British Association for Adoption and Fostering sets rules and organises training for social workers across the country. Every local council with a children's services department is a paying member of the organisation, and the bulk of its £6million-a-year budget comes from the taxpayer. It runs the national adoption register for the Department of Children, Schools and Families.

The 'retarded homophobe' attack was published in a BAAF guide to adoption for homosexual couples.

It was repeated in its newspaper Be My Parent, which advertises children who need homes. Would-be gay adopters were told: 'Most importantly, don't worry about society. Children need good parents much more than retarded homophobes need an excuse to whinge, so don't let your worries about society's reaction hinder your desire and ability to give a child a loving caring home.'

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