Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you James!

Both for the note of thanks on your blog for what we have been doing on this one, and for this brilliant picture:
James's Rule of Thumb:

If it seems inappropriate to put something in a thought bubble above an Archbishop's head, then it's probably inapropriate to show it to little girls without their parents' consent. Got it? Good.

Like James I find it hard to be charitable and optimistic about this situation.

Oh and by the way, this is the famous mis-labelled diagramme which is in the 'All That I Am' book approved by the Archdioces of Birmingham (under Vincent Nichols) and also by the Government's notorious Teenage Pregancy Unity. What sort of sex education did they get, to think that is a urethra?

And perhaps that is the worst thing about modern life - not just tyranny, but the tyranny of half-wits.


Anonymous said...

Close this anti-catholic webiste now, your total lack of respect is a scandal. You have no dignity or self respect.
What kind of Catholic thinks it's ok to insult a senior clergyman in this way.

Shame on you

Hercules said...

I'll respect him when he respects the teaching of the Church, the Holy Father, and our children.

And shame on you, 'anonymous', since you clearly have nothing to say even in defence of Archbishop Nichols.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, that is a seedy image to use on so-called Catholic website. If you don't like nearly all our Church leaders (that seems to be the case)then leave and join the SSPX?

I work in Ireland and I used live in Belgium. One can always tell the difference between a Catholic community which has an unbroken continuity and one which required a restoration. England is one such country, and we see this through the English laitys continued disobedience and disloyalty to the Clergy from both Left and Right. Sadly such Catholics have inherited this trait from their Protestant countrymen and brought it into the Church via Osmosis. Catholic Action = English first Catholic second.

Martin McNeil

A. Ross said...

Does anyone know if similar such things are also being taught in Catholic Schools in Scotland?

My 8 year old recently came home with this very vague leaflet about Sex Ed which mentioned something about diseases??

Anonymous said...

Yes shame on this website.
When you descend to insults at this level, I think it says more about you than the person you are attacking.

Hercules said...

Do none of you great champions of the Archbishop have anything to say in his defence?

No? Is that why you are just appealing to brainless obedience?

Brainless obedience is not a Catholic doctrine. When a person in authority is abusing that authority to violate the innocence of children, you remonstrate with him privately, and if he does nothing about it you go public. We have been remonstrating with this man for years - look at Jackie Parkes, for heaven's sake. For the sake of the children we are now under an obligation - yes, an obligation - to alert people to the problem.

And hey, it looks as though James' picture is working in that regard...

Martin McNeil said...

Blah, blah blah..Why don't you just do the right thing for once and remove this picture from the website. You know deep down it's not right

If obedience is not Catholic then neither is that graphic. I bet you don't remove much pride, another sin

Martin McNeil

Anonymous said...

Our Church is going through the terrible sexual abuse scandal and you guys see fit to publish a sick thing like that? As a mother it makes me very sad.

Anonymous said...

"Do none of you great champions of the Archbishop have anything to say in his defence?" is fallacious and irrelevant.

Even if Archbishop Nicols is wrong on this matter it does not justify your crudity.

You are not being criticized for disagreeing with an Archbishop, but for unnecessary vulgarity and a lack of charity and respect. Especially shocking in a blog which claims to champion Catholic (Christian) values.

Anonymous said...

No sir, you are wrong instead of talking about the Archbishop's error of judgement we are discussing your choice of picture thus creating more sympathy for him. Is this outcome which you desired?

Hercules said...

So you boys and girls have been thinking really hard about this, and you still haven't thought of anything - one singe thing! - to say in defence of Archbishop Nichols.

Nor have you addressed James Preece's 'rule of thumb' or our own appeal to the duty of Catholics in dealing with scandal, laid down by St Paul.

Pretty unimpressive, I'd say. And though this is the most comments we have ever had on a post, I'm not going to publish any more until you come up with something better.

And you've got a nerve, Martin McNeil, recommending the Irish model of refusing to criticise the clergy in this of all weeks. If you can't see the problems that attitude has led to now, God help you.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the truth comes out... bringing Ireland into this deabte. So much for Catholic unity. I like I said English first Catholic second

Catholic Mom of 10 said... want the picture removed because it causes scandal to the Archbishop who agreed to put it in front of our 9 year old boys & girls. Are you joking? You want to protect the Archbishop of Westminster so he can give this information to our children. You must be joking! I have 8 daughters & 2 sons..& he's not getting his hands through his filthy as you agree the diagram is..programmes. Hercules has no need to warn readers of explicit content..the children don't get one! Herding boys & girls together into a classroom asking them to label penises!¬ How do you think we can get the message across? Any other suggestions? How about 1 or 2 letters? Well you can see how helpful they were! This is war..on the CES Birmingham RE Dept Archbishop Vincent Fr Quigley Oonagh Stannard..etc they do NOT speak for us Catholic parents! Oh but what about the children whose parents don't teach them..take it from me..they are the very ones who need less sex ed in school...they know too much anyway..we should protect them more. I'll let you into a secret I never had any sex did I manage to have 10 kids? Mind you CES would probably say we had 8 too many & shoulda used the pill! SAD!!

Anonymous said...

10 kids, well done, but there's no need to keep banging on about. We get the idea.

If this Archbishop is so terrible how come he got made Archbishop? How come The Vatican have not called him to account?

Nothing in your arguement justifies this picture, the connotations are still highly inappropriate. If you want to debate with him do it in a dignified manner. This type of thing just proves the claim that you are all a bunch fringe nutters.

Hercules said...

"If this Archbishop is so terrible how come he got made Archbishop?"

This really makes my day. Where have you been for the last 40 years, anonymous?

If Weakland was so terrible, how come he got made Archbishop? If Milingo is so terrible, how come he got made Archbishop?

Need we go on? What sort of joker are you?

To be fair to the Vatican, Nichols was made an Archbishop before he approved that picture. And as for Westminster, the alternatives weren't exactly thrilling.

And look, Anonymous, Jackie Parkes and James Preece and the NACF and SPUC and a lot of other people have been 'debating with' Nichols about sex education for many years, and the end of that process he signs up to the aims of the Teenage Pregnancy Unit. This situation has got to be brought to a wider public.

Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Oh Anon! What's the idea you get about the 10 kids again?

Pope Leo XIII's Prayer to St Michael

Holy Michael, Archangel, defend us in the day of battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust down to Hell Satan, and all wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen