Friday, May 01, 2009

That MAP advert here

Here it is, folks, if you missed it on TV.

Now you can complain to the Advertising Standard Authority. The MAP is an extremely serious medical intervention: to portray it in a cartoon as a routine 'easy way out' is grossly irresponsible. It is also grossly misleading to suggest - though this is not made explicit - that it prevents conception. In many cases conception will already have taken place, and the MAP will be causing an abortion. Abortion is tightly controlled by law in the UK, in theory: and yet here it is available over the counter.

Here's more from Christian Concern for our Nation: The advertisement encourages women to think that having sex without adequate contraception is a worry that can easily be eliminated by a trip to the local pharmacy.

No mention is made of the STDs that a woman might catch through casual sex; no mention is made of the fact that emergency contraception may terminate a young life and no mention is made of the pain, bleeding or other side effects that may be experienced by using the medication.

OFCOM's "standards objectives" relevant to advertising should prevent the broadcasting of advertisements that may be misleading, harmful or offensive by television and radio services and should protect persons under the age of 18.  

Please see section 319(2) Communications Act 2003; and a CCFON article

Please write to the Advertising Standards Authority, by using their online complaints form.

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