Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catholic school to be piloted for MAP by text

Local messages of support would be welcome. Nb Bishop Kenny is NOT the 'bishop of Birmingham': as everyone except the Telegraph subeditors know, Vincent Nichols is the Archbishop if Birmingham. Bishop Kenney in an auxiliary. His contact details are below.

From the Daily Telegraph (see here for the full story): Under the scheme pupils at six schools in Oxfordshire – including one Catholic secondary – would be able to access contraceptive advice and contraception, including the controversial 'emergency' pill.

William Kenney, the Bishop of Birmingham, who performs mass at St Gregory the Great Catholic School in Oxford once a year, has criticised the scheme, which is likely to be piloted in July.

The bishop said: "It goes against the very central idea the Catholic church has on human life. It is sending out the message that it was better to deal with the aftermath of what people do, rather than the causes. I don't think this will help solve the teenage pregnancy rate and is taking away responsibility from parents."

Leaders of St Gregory's and the five other schools are to been denied any say in stopping their pupils from being offered the service by Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust and the Oxfordshire County Council. The two authorities have said that, because the service will be offered outside school hours, it will "fall outside the governance of schools".

Right Reverend William Kenney CP, Titular Bishop of Midica
Born: 7 May 1946
Ordained Priest: 29 June 1969
Ordained Bishop: 24 August 1987 (Auxiliary Bishop of Stockholm)
Transferred to Birmingham: 17 October 2006

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