Sunday, July 13, 2008

Composer: Labour anti-Catholic


From CFNews: A renowned composer has declared that there is no place any more for Catholics in New Labour. James MacMillan, writing in the Daily Telegraph, argued that Catholics had been alienated by recent House of Commons votes on abortion, human-animal embryos and 'saviour siblings'. As a result, he predicted, Labour would lose the July 24 by-election in Glasgow East, where there are many working-class Catholic voters. 'To many old-style socialists, there is nothing more fundamental to a just and fair society than the protection of its most vulnerable members and their right to life', he wrote.

'The recent Commons vote represents a tipping point for many Labour voters in Scotland. Party numbers in both parliaments could soon be decimated.' Mr MacMillan has been composer and conductor with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra since 2000. He has composed several Masses, including one which was commissioned by Westminster Cathedral. He has long had political concerns and was a Labour Party branch chairman in the '980s. But he fell out with Labour over what he cals their 'lifestyle liberalism' in such areas as the traditional family and education, sexual mores, artistic aspirations and religious belief.

There is 'a growing anti-Catholic prejudice' in the Labour Party, he wrote. He quoted Labour MEP Mary Honeyball saying that 'democracy and religion do not mix' and questioning whether Catholics such as Ruth Kelly, Des Browne and Paul Murphy should be 'allowed' a place on the front bench. Mr MacMillan argued that Christian beliefs had been 'dumped contemptuously' by the Labour Party. [Catholic Herald] 1464.22

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