Friday, July 18, 2008

Mothers rebel against full-time work

Briefing and comment: this may at last be a sign that mothers are beginning to resist the absurdly demanding role forced on them by feminists, of working full time while bringing up children. This is the price they were expected to pay to acheive the feminist goal of 'gender equality' in terms of numbers at every level of management.

From The Times, in part: The British Household Panel Survey, which involved 3,800 couples over eight years, found that women with part-time jobs were the happiest. They reported greater job satisfaction than those in full-time work and appeared more content than those with no job. By contrast, 78 per cent of fathers said that they were happiest working full-time.

Those shoulder-padded woman who used their stilettos to become prime ministers, QCs and consultants in the 1980s and dictated their briefs while they were giving birth now seem as old-fashioned as their big hair. The number of women in full-time professional and managerial roles peaked in 2001 in Britain. The number of married mothers working full time and with infant-age children has fallen by 6 per cent in five years across all educational levels.

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JoannaB said...

I think the new policies out on benefits will affect women who want to be full time mums even after their children have reached 7 - children still need their mum even when they are teenagers just as much.

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