Monday, July 28, 2008

Liverpool priests defy their bishop: and the Pope

Briefing. This is an attempt to spike the Pope's policy of liturgical renewal, and of welcoming various traditionalists, Anglicans and the Orthodox into full communion. These priests would rather vegetate in the crumbling ruins the liberals have made of the English Church.

From CFNews (H-t Damian Thompson): Last month, it emerged that the Archbishop of Liverpool, Patrick Kelly, was preparing to turn the ailing church of St Vincent de Paul, Toxteth - designed by Pugin - into Britain's first parish dedicated to the traditional Latin Mass. Not so fast. Archbishop Kelly has now told parishioners: 'On Tuesday, 15 July, the proposal was presented, as Canon Law requires, to the Council of Priests. I have decided not to go ahead with the change that I proposed. Thank you for your courtesy and understanding, Please pray for me.'

And that's it: the Archbishop's full explanation of why an exciting and imaginative scheme has been scrapped. The plan also met the request by the Vatican that centrally located churches should be found for people who have requested the ancient liturgy. But the 'Council of Priests', apparently, thought differently. [Damien Thompson, Daily Telegraph]

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Anonymous said...

if the priest's in liverpool do not obey order's from rome they should be booted out of the priest hood.the archbishop seem's to be a very weak person if that's the case he should join the anglican's.the pope should bring a bishop who will crack the whip.

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