Monday, July 07, 2008

Hybrids bill: final votes

Action: please lobby your MP.

From Christian Concern for our Nation: Please now take the opportunity to email your MP to ask him/her to vote against;

Liberalising the Abortion Act. Some MPs are attempting to do this. See:

Human reproductive cloning. The bill as it stands has a loophole which needs
tightening up. This relates to the future proposal to allow for a child to come
from 3 individuals to prevent serious mitochondrial disease.

It is also vital you ask them to support an amendment regarding animal –human
hybrid amendments called the ‘Hunt test’. This amendment would ensure that
anyone who wanted to create mixed animal and human embryos would have to prove
that the research is needed, and that there is no alternative available.

Please also ask MPs to push for free votes on all these issues at the remaining
stages of the Bill, by signing Early Day Motion No. 1953. Currently the
Government intends to impose a whip, meaning that their MPs are not allowed to
vote according to their conscience.

Please see link to the EDM No.1953‰1

It is absolutely vital that as many people as possible email their MP AND the
Prime Minister now, expressing their concern over these issues, as well as
calling for a free vote at the ‘ Report’ and ‘3rd Reading’ stages on 14th
July. Please email your MP now – and as many of your friends and contacts and
ask them to do the same.

Please ask your MP take the brave step of ignoring any party whip to support the
Bill and to take the unusual step of voting against the Bill being read a third
time and passed for one or more of the following reasons:

As an issue of conscience; As a protest on the need for a free vote; As a
protest at the lack of time and the lack of justice in allowing only one day of
Parliamentary time for the report stage and third reading to debate and vote on
the many important issues raised in this Bill;

MPs’ email addresses are surname followed by first initial @
For example Gordon Brown would be
David Cameron would be

Briefing packs

Thank you for all your support so far – please take this late opportunity to
affect the final shape of this bill.

Please pray for the outcome at the Report Stage and 3rd reading on the 14th of
July, for guidance for the Government and MPs to act according to God’s will
and pray for a miracle to stop this Bill being passed.

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