Thursday, March 05, 2009

Petition for parents' rights in education

Action: please sign up here.

From CFNews: Roxane Featherstone of Action for Home Education has started a petition to 10 Downing Street regarding the state and the responsibilities of parents. It reads

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to remind his government that parents must remain responsible in law for ensuring the welfare and education of their children and that the state should not seek to appropriate these responsibilities'.

The deadline for signing the petion is May 20th, 2009. You have to be a British citizen or resident to sign.)

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Carlotta said...

Thank you for linking to this petition.

Whilst the current legal changes on the surface may look to affect home educating families and families of truants for example, it is actually also the case that if these changes were to come about, it would represent a huge constitutional change in the relationship of person and state: all parents would lose the right and responsibility to ensure that their child receives a suitable education. Further, they would also lose the responsibility to ensure a child's welfare and to help the child achieve their own ambitions.

Every family risks being required to meet government set standards and targets, both in education and welfare. The government is proposing to inspect families in order to ensure that every child for example, "achieves economic well-being".

We do hope that as many people as possible will sign this petition. NB the server on the site is not a good one, and you sometimes have to try to sign several times before it works.

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