Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BBC cooks up sacrilegious and indecent series


From mediawatch-uk: This was the headline in a recent edition of the Sunday Express, which went on to say that the BBC is facing a backlash over a shocking new television drama featuring gay sex, murder and Mother Teresa. The six part series about exorcism, called 'Apparitions', was the idea of Martin Shaw, who stars in it as a Roman Catholic priest. According to the report, graphic scenes in the prime time drama, to be screened in November. Include a man possessed by the devil and being skinned alive in a gay sauna. In another episode, a father is shown threatening a sexual assault on his daughter. Mother Teresa is seen on her deathbed, her mind seemingly inhabited by demons. The newspaper went on to quote mediawatch-uk's John Beyer, who warned that the graphic sexual and religious scenes will cause outrage. 'This series is likely be a clear breach of the Broadcasting Code. I'm surprised the BBC agreed to commission a show like this as a way of debating the battle between good and evil. There must be better ways of doing that. They've got people spitting on crucifixes and it is likely to cause serious offence to the Christian community. Considering the reaction to Jerry Springer the Opera in 2005. BBC really ought to know better'.


Anonymous said...

...and the Bishop's Comference advised on this

Ælfheah said...

I'm sure proprietors of gay saunas up and down the land will be nervous.

Anonymous said...

Now if the story of possession was set in a Muslim context, with some poor deranged/possessed individual spitting on a Quran ...

Would it even been considered I wonder?

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