Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sex Ed: are people beginning to notice?

Comment: Damian Thompson condemns the Catholic Education Service for endorsing Sex Ed. John Smeaton has been banging this drum for some weeks. Now a poll says that most people think it is the parents' job - just as the Church teaches. Are people waking up to the deliberate sexualisation of our children?

The Catholic Bishops honestly believe that by not condemning sex ed outright they can influence it - especially for Catholic schools - and minimise the damage. This is thinking typical of institutional people: they can't bear to be out of the loop, off the committees, not on good terms with politicians. But the version of sex education they are imposing on Catholic schools is completely wrong, condemned in advance by the Vatican, as we have repeatedly pointed out. And many Catholics don't send their children to Catholic schools, for one reason or another, and if they don't hear sex ed condemned, they will assume it is ok.

Parents must keep themselves informed, and be prepared to think the unthinkable: homeschooling. Sex education will only be defeated by a massive revolt by parents. Parents: the education of your children is your responsibility: you will be required to account for it on the day of judgement. Don't just go with the flow: get informed, get involved, or get your children out of school!

From CFNews: Three quarters of nearly 2000 respondents to a BBC's questionnaire said that parents should tell children about sex, with less than a quarter believing it should be teachers' responsibility. Two thirds of parents said they were worried about their children having sex too young, with three quarters putting the minimum acceptable age at 16.

The Government has announced that sex and relationships education is to become compulsory for all children in state schools from the age of five. Ministers insist parents will have a say in what is taught, but Labour MP Geraldine Smith has warned that the plans will rob children of their innocence.

Trevor Stammers, of Family and Youth Concern, has warned that 'valueless' education will simply exacerbate the problems the Government hopes to address, such as teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Writing in The Times earlier this week, commentator Ross Clark said too much information simply gives children the impression that early sexual activity is the norm.

In his Daily Telegraph blog Gerald Warner, author, broadcaster, columnist and polemical commentator, claimed that the most widespread child abuse in Britain is perpetrated by the Government.

'Children as young as five will be given sex education under Government plans to cut teenage pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases.' Why? How many five-year-olds are pregnant or infected with a sexually-transmitted disease?

The reality is that the Government is determined to abolish traditional morality and to assert its control over children of all ages, to the exclusion of parents. Childhood innocence - what remains of it - is to be extinguished. There is an almost satanic fanaticism about Government-sponsored social engineers' determination to corrupt the minds of children through premature sexualisation.

As teenage pregnancies and the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases relentlessly increase, the demand is for ever more 'education', when the figures show that it is the endless focusing on sexual matters that has caused the problem. Would the authorities fight gun crime by issuing pistols to children? Yet, the story says, 'Jim Knight, the Schools Minister, who has led the review, insisted exposure to sex education before puberty reduced teenage pregnancy rates.' What a buffoon.

And what a sewer this country has turned into, with 12-year-old girls being groomed for promiscuity by vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) - the 'slag jag' - as parents and teachers make clear what their expectations of them are. The source of this epidemic of decadence is to be found in the Palace of Westminster. Last night the swarming pathogens on the green benches voted to legalise the creation of human/animal hybrids - already banned in 21 countries - as well as the production of 'saviour siblings' and IVF for lesbians, both voted on without the formality of a debate.

Labour would not even permit its MPs a free vote on matters that are overwhelmingly issues of conscience. This degenerate regime regards teenage virginity as an illness, human embryos as tadpoles and the most basic human decencies as politically incorrect. The legalisation of human/animal hybrid research makes Britain a rogue state in the eyes of the civilised world; the Government prefers to describe it as 'ground-breaking'. So was Auschwitz. [Christian Institute, Telegraph]

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Christina said...

Two years ago we took our children out of school because of the sex education imposed on our children.You can only protect them for so long by withdrawing them from some sex ed but not all lessons.
My oldest was nursary when I found out they were teaching it then,without my knowledge.
We homeschool now as this is the only way we can see to protect our children from the continued sexulisation of our children.I am not a teacher but have managed this, others may have to think about this too,we use "Seton Homeschooling" ,a catholic curriculum from America where homeschooling has really taken off because of the sex ed policy there.

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