Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quote of the Week

''If you were born female, still presently quite feminine, but defined as a man you should be able to go into the men's toilets. You don't necessarily have to have had gender reassignment surgery, but you could just define yourself as a man, feel very masculine in yourself, feel that in fact being a woman is not who you are." So says Jennie Killip, Woman's Officer at Manchester University, explaining why they are removing 'men's' and 'women's' signs from the loos. In future they will say 'toilet' and 'toilet with urinals'.

The point of separate conveniences, in large part, is to cater for women's desire for privacy from men. But feminists hate women, so it is quite natural for a politically correct 'Woman's Officer' to deny them something our society has taken for granted for many generations.

H-T to Christian Voice.


Jackie Parkes said...

Is this for real???

Hercules said...

I believe so! There have been stories like this before - it's becoming a fashionable issue. I suppose it's just the logical consequence of saying that gender is a social construct.

Pope Leo XIII's Prayer to St Michael

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