Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catholic Union organises mass lobby on hybrids bill

Update: this took place and was a great success.

From CFNews: Lord Alton emails : 'Yesterday, an estimated 600 people turned up to the lobby Parliament, and all went to see MPs. Central lobby was completely packed from just after 1pm until 5 with our people, making it clear they were representing many more thousands in the country. It looked good. Let's hope it did some good. Thanks to everyone who helped with time and resources on the day. The major votes on the key issues of animal human hybrids; saviour siblings; the child's need for a father and abortion will take place on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Ian Duncan Smith MP has confirmed that there will be a major briefing on the Fatherhood issue released over the weekend, as part of his 'Breakdown Britain' study. This is well timed especially as he is moving the Fatherhood amendment. The 3rd viral is now released for the Passion for Life campaign (and deals with the child's need for a father) - it lasts 1 minute, and is here.

Action 28/04/08: please support this.Everyone is entitled to go to the 'lobby' of the House of Commons and meet his or her Member of Parliament. A 'mass lobby' is a coordinated effort to maximise the impact.

From CFNews: National Lobby of Parliament. May 14th, - 12.30 onwards. A vital opportunity to tell your MP how strongly you feel about the introduction of

* Animal / Human Hybrid embryos
* 'Saviour' Siblings
* Removal of Fatherhood

Please arrange to meet your MP at the Houses of Parliament, from 12.30 onwards. We will supply briefings to help inform your discussion with your MP. There will be a venue close by for refreshments, literature and an opportunity to meet Pro-Life MPs. Event supported by Right to Life, CARE, LIFE and many other groups. Now is the time to arrange an appointment with your MP, arrange transport, and tell your friends and colleagues to travel to London for this vital campaign. [Catholic Union]

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