Friday, May 02, 2008

Prayer vigil outside Parliement for hybrids bill

Action: please support this if you can: 2 pm on 12th May in Old Palace Yard, outside Parliament--as with the National Lobby of Parliament, 14th May 12.30 onwards.

From Christian Concern for our Nation: The Second Reading of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill in the House of Commons will take place on Monday, 12th May.

At Second Reading MPs vote on the ‘principle’ of the whole Bill. This is usually a formality and then the Bill goes through to its Committee Stages, Report and Third Reading where MPs can vote on specific amendments.

With faith and humility we must come together to pray for a great miracle. The 12th May is the day after Pentecost and exactly 2 years since the miraculous defeat at Second Reading of the Joffe Bill which would have legalised euthanasia in this country. [Euthanasia in some cases was in fact legalised by the Mental Capacity Act. Webmaster.] We would like Christians everywhere to come in their hundreds and stand outside Parliament and pray for this miracle; pray that MPs will vote against the principle of the Bill. If such a vote is won then the Bill will be defeated right from the onset.

PLEASE COME to our prayer vigil outside Parliament, invite members of your church, Christian groups, family and friends. The Plan is to gather at 2 pm on 12th May in Old Palace Yard, opposite St Stephen’s Entrance to the House of Lords, Westminster.

It is vital that MPs continue to be lobbied at this time. We must continue our campaign, contacting our MPs to secure their vote against the Bill at Second Reading and beyond if necessary. A key point to make at this time is that there appears to be insufficient Parliamentary time to debate properly the huge issues at stake. Make it clear that their vote on this matter will affect how we will vote at the next General Election.

A miracle is needed to stop this Bill. We believe in the God of miracles – please pray that the Lord will intervene, delivering us from this Bill and that righteous laws will be upheld in our land.

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